Reinhard Mahalie: Here is what you do to know

Reinhard Mahalie (left) styled Odile Gertze (right) for the NAMA2019. Photo by Miti Images
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Born and raised in Keetmanshoop, Reinhard Mahalie talks about his educational background and his career in the fashion industry.
“I was raised by my grandmother and my home town is Keetmanshoop, I went to school at four different schools however I matriculated at PK De Villiers secondary school and I have a Bachelors degree in Journalism and communication Technology which I obtained at Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST),” says Reinhard Mahalie, an international award winning stylist.Mahalie started to pursue a career in the fashion industry on 27 April 2016 when he turned 23 years old.He always knew that he will be in the fashion industry and entertainment industry “my dream was to become a fashion designer but my destiny and the universe let me become a fashion stylist,” he says.

Mahalie has been nominated several times for international awards and he has won two awards so far, the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2016 (Southern Africa) and SYMLAFA Favourite Stylist of the Year 2019.“I want to style a celebrity at the Met Gala, I want to give back more especially to the community members of Keetmanshoop and I want to open a fashion styling YouTube channel,” Mahalie says.

Mahalie says that creatives in the Namibian fashion industry should work more on their own craftsmanship and to execute whatever their role is in the fashion industry to be more mainstream, yet authentic to their brands and to the country.
“The government should invest more in fashion training and education to institutions because, that is the foundation, more quality training and education will help creatives to build a career in fashion and to get the business understanding of fashion as well,” he says.

“I want to do more online styling courses, collaborate with more creatives and I want to contribute to the Namibian fashion industry in every possible aspect,” he says.