The Year That Was... Big Mitch

Big Mitch, a five-time award-winning comedian, has headlined solo events and co-hosted alongside other comedians. He has left his mark on television screens through partnerships with various brands.

The Year That Was... Big Mitch
Big Mitch

2023 was… One of the hardest years in my career and the most cultivating year in my career.

2024 will be… A year of manifestation.

Last three things you spend money on? Oh my keetmans???? cigarettes, Tampons, and Powerade

Last text you sent? Was from a client, thanking me for the service for the year.

Best Dressed Namibian of 2023? (man and women) Jamila |Uiras (Ms Namibia) and Mukendu Ndjavera (Model)

2023 in a X (tweet)... “Where is my Money “????

2023 taught me… That consistency pays off and I am not who they say I am, I am defined by my work and deeds.

What 2023 took away from you? My patience ????

What song dominated your playlist in 2023? “Waar Pyn Jy” by Lil Swaartbooi

What put Namibia in the spotlight this year? Namibian Movies playing on Showmax

Namibian holiday destination? Keetmanshoop

Namibian disruptor of the year? Big Mitch

Most overrated thing in 2023? Topa laat ons gaan

2023 highlight? My One-man Comedy special at the National Theatre of Namibia.

Last thing that gave you sleepless nights? My newborn son Odin.

Biggest blooper of the year? Michael Amushelelo

A book you will recommend to a friend/family? Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Namibian brand of the year? Namibian Clothing

Your preferred social media platform? Instagram