The Year That Was... Michael Pulse

Michael Pulse, an acclaimed musician, writer, and film producer hailing from Namibia, stands as a formidable force in the country's music and film sectors. Garnering multiple NAMA awards and achieving recognition for the movie "The White Line," which was in contention for an Oscar nomination, he has solidified his presence. Renowned for his soulful and commanding vocals, he remains a highly sought-after entertainer.

The Year That Was... Michael Pulse
Michael Pulse

2023 was… life-changing. 

2024 will be… Groundbreaking with a hint of me entering into my bag era.

Last three things you spend money on? Rent, Hospital bills, and Wimpy
Last text you sent? Wake up 
Best Dressed Namibian of 2023? (man and women) Ann Singer  and Waters
2023 in a X (tweet)... Someone come get your child 
2023 taught me… Fight for what is yours even if they don’t see the vision.
What 2023 took away from you? My patience for people who are not for me.
What song dominated your playlist in 2023? Kaekende - Micheal Pulse ft Keynote and Vuurman 5670.
What put Namibia in the spotlight this year? Namibia’s first Opera premiering in Berlin something I am proud to have co-directed. 
Namibian holiday destination? Tsumeb.
Namibian disruptor of the year? Waters.
Most overrated thing in 2023? Thread.
2023 highlight? Having my film "Home is where the money is", airing on ShowMax on DSTV.
Last thing that gave you sleepless nights? Home is where the Money is.
Biggest blooper of the year? My third studio album not dropping this year.
A book you will recommend to a friend/family? None.
Namibian brand of the year? Yeezir.
Your preferred social media platform? All