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Stepping into the music industry with a banger, Kondja Abel also known as Yeezir was born on 03 August 2001 in Keetmanshoop.

Yeezir was raised in Otjiwarongo by a single mother together with his 3 siblings; He attended high school at Otjiwarongo primary school.

“My dear mother provides me with everything I need meaning I am stable and I am often my own motivation and I can overcome anything,” he says.

His music career started on 23 June 2020 when he started working on his debut song called Rolls Royce that went viral on YouTube with 10 000 + views in just 2 months after he released it on 3 August 2020.

“What inspired me to start making music is the dream I have of seeing my mother living a life with no bills to pay and I want to see her live her best life for all the years she has been fighting for us alone,” he says.

He added that he has a dream of changing other countries perspective about the Namibian music industry and he wants to make Namibia a powerhouse of music like South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana.


“We all know the two biggest artists in Namibian music history; I want my music career to go as far as theirs did and beyond, my goal as an artist is to be number one in the country I want my music to be played all over Africa and the world at large, I want to give hope to the Namibian people.” he says.

Yeezir(Photo Contributed)

Yeezir is a new comer in the music industry and he has not worked with any artist yet “there are a wide range of collaborations on the way for me,” he says.

“I see myself making it in the music industry, I see myself winning many of awards and I see success with the help of the almighty God of course,” he says.

“I recently signed to a record label called YNOT records and my label mate is DJ Castro an award-winning disc jockey,” he says.