OFF THE RECORD: The Podcast/Talk Show

OFF THE RECORD is a Namibian music talk show that will air weekly on YouTube for its first season 2021.

OFF THE RECORD: The Podcast/Talk Show
Hosts of Off The Record (Michael, Shona and Vernon) - Photograph Contributed

Produced and hosted by Namibian entertainment experts Michael Kayunde (Entertainment journalist), Shona Ngava (Entertainment journalist, radio presenter & MultiChoice talent factory 2020 participant) and Vernon van Wyk (Radio presenter & Entertainment blogger).

OFF THE RECORD is a Namibian music talk show that will air weekly on YouTube for its first season 2021. The Show made it's premiere on 16 March 2021 on OFF THE RECORD NA youtube channel. Another episode will be released on 23 March 2021.

On the latest podcast the show hosts speak about celebrity culture in Namibia, the impact of house music and radio presenting in Namibia and the influence of radio personalities.

The show focuses on all things Namibian entertainment with the aim to inform and educate artists and all industry stakeholders as well as the fans on how the music industry works, with updates on what is trending. The show will also feature appearances by popular industry guests and corporate organisations who are active in the entertainment business.

The first episode focused on the legacy of the Namibian Annual Music awards and it's uncertain future, emerging record label, RTE and R&B in Namibia.

There was a resounding reception of the the premiering episode with many of the viewers of the podcast applauding the format for their views on the entertainment business in Namibia. Some highlighted that the show was necessary for Namibia's entertainment scene.

The show also managed to secure a new venue sponsor as a luxury mens brand got into partnership with them. The hosts will reveal who the venue sponsors are in future episodes. "We want to thank people for watching the podcast so far and for their feedback." shared the hosts of the show.

When last did we have a straight talk and saying it as it is talk show in Namibia? These are interesting times and everyone in the entertainment industry is watching.

You can get social with Off The Record on Twitter: @OffTheRecord_NA