John Ikondja: TV's New Heartthrob

John Ikondja is a TV news anchor and producer from Namibia. He was inspired to pursue a media career by his hardworking parents and his roots in the tight-knit community of Vyf Rand Camp where he was raised.

John Ikondja: TV's New Heartthrob
John Ikondja

John Ikondja is a TV news anchor and producer from Namibia. He was inspired to pursue a media career by his hardworking parents and his roots in the tight-knit community of Vyf Rand Camp where he was raised.

John attended JG Van Der Walt Secondary School where his interest in media and public speaking began. He then studied journalism and media at Triumphant College. Today he is privileged to work at the largest media house in Namibia, the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC). He says, “It is an honour to be able to inform and engage with the people of Namibia, sharing important news and stories that matter to the community”.

John Ikondja

John finds inspiration from his family who...

...supported his education, and his roots in Vyf Rand Camp which showed him the challenges he has overcome, in his own words, “It is a challenging environment to break free from, I am proud to say that I am the only one from there who has made a name for themselves on TV screens.”

He then adds, “Returning home and feeling the love and support from the community is incredibly humbling.” influential media figures like Trevor Noah and Steve Harvey have paved the way for him and shown him that with determination and talent, you can achieve great success in the media space. Not to forget his brother, a well-known former TV news presenter, Tonateni Shidhudhu who has also been a mentor to him, playing a pivotal role in shaping his career. Tonateni’s guidance and wisdom have been invaluable in John’s journey as a TV news anchor and producer.

In his spare time, John hosts a podcast on YouTube known as The Juvenile, the podcast profiles young professionals on their careers. And enjoys playing soccer and learning how to play golf and the guitar.

John runs Juvenile, which provides diverse income sources and allows him to pursue his passion. Juvenile is a media and communication group that ventures and encompasses public speaking, event hosting as an MC, and various other related services.

Juvenile is one of his streams of income and an opportunity for him to hone his skills as a public speaker, Juvenile enables him to pursue his passion while building a sustainable career, it allows him to expand his expertise, gain experience in different areas, and create a well-rounded brand that can adapt to changing market demands. He says it is essential for him as a young entrepreneur to have multiple income streams for financial stability and security.

Though he can appear comfortable interacting with the public as part of his job, John is an introverted person by nature. He focuses on genuinely connecting with people during interactions. He says he believes in the power of genuine connection and that is why he chose a career of being in the eyes of the public, however when he is not in front of the camera or onstage, he tends to be more reserved.

He continues to add that, he has learned to overcome his shyness by focusing on the importance of the people he interacts with. Whether it’s a chitchat with a fan or a more extensive conversation with someone he meets at an event, he listens genuinely and engages. “I’ve found that when you put your attention on others and their stories, it becomes less about me and more about creating a meaningful connection,” he says.

What keeps him going is the support from his family in which he stated, “Our family is quite large”, he has four siblings from his mother’s side, and he holds the unique position of being the middle child. But his young sister is the one who inspires him the most to keep going and reminds him of the importance of perseverance and setting a positive example for her, his community which looks to him as a role model, and the impact he makes through his work on informing and inspiring Namibians.

Therefore, when he faces challenges and feels like giving up, he thinks of his family, community, the people who look up to him, and the impact he has on their lives. These factors collectively inspire him to persevere and to continue pushing through his limits and serve as a sole fountainhead of hope and inspiration to others on their own journeys.

If he could go back, John wishes he learned the importance of networking, handling criticism, adaptability to change, and work-life balance earlier in his media career.

Mentorship could have provided guidance. Some of John's personal interests include dry meat known as “Edhingu” and pap as favourite dish, The Pursuit of Happiness as his favourite movie, and inspirational and motivational gospel and alternative music. He values alone time to recharge.

He keeps his personal life private to maintain a work-life balance. John encourages the youth to embrace their dreams, work hard, and rely on faith, mentors, and determination to achieve their goals and fulfill their purpose.

He is deeply passionate about his work in the media industry because it allows him to connect with people, share stories, and make a positive impact on his community. He is driven by a desire to inform and inspire others, particularly the youth to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams. In addition, John sees his career as a way to honour his family’s sacrifices and to serve as a role model for those who look up to him. His work is not just a profession but a heartfelt mission to bring positive change to the world through the power of media and communication.