SYMLAFA 2020 , Wear Your Art

SYMLAFA 2020 , Wear Your Art
SYMLAFA Diamond Award winner Dr Libertine Amadhila and Dr Helena Ndume
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Award season is upon us and in true SYMLAFA fashion, we are ready to celebrate, create memories and deliver yet another night of absolute magic. 

September is only a few months away and the award season fever is upon us. SYMLAFA 2020! That is the event, that is the tweet, that is the caption. The fourth of its nature, SYMLAFA 2020 will be celebrating the arts, entertainment and fashion industry for the great achievements and growth.  As you know by now, the SYM team always makes sure that the awards are accompanied by the biggest, most glamorous red carpet. 

This year we celebrate our personalities under the theme 'Avant-Garde ... Wear your art'. 

The awards are scheduled for 26 September 2020 and returning to where it all started, the National Theatre of Namibia.  Expect the biggest red carpet Namibia has ever seen. SYM Media will be sharing more exciting events and news leading up to the crème de la crème of Namibian award season, soon to be continental award season.  Fashion, photography, beauty, philanthropy, entertainment - you name it - the arts scene has grown immensely over the three decades. 

This growth is the result of the constant investment and dedication, and the perseverance of those who took it upon themselves to not only establish an identity for Namibian arts, but also to make sure that it reaches its highest potential. It is against this background that a platform like the SYMLAFA was created, in order to celebrate industry creatives, as well as movers and shakers. 

In 2017 we had the theme “Diamonds are Forever”, 2018 we brought you 'vintage with a touch of glam'. Last year we brought you 'African royalty: A night with emperors and empresses'. 

We are happy to confirm that we are continuing our partnership with the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation. 

"We also humbly with the utmost gratitude thank Coca-Cola and NWR for being our official sponsors for our 2020 awards. " said the SYMLAFA team. More sponsors will be announced in due course. 


Radical, new experimental and unorthodox approach to art, this is what Avant-Garde is all about. 
This year we are asking all our attendees to wear your art, a fusion of fashion and modern day art. We want to see the aesthetics and innovation. 

Omanii Hapulile and Herman Hausiku are first time nominees and had this to say:
"Honestly I am gassed, over the moon really. It came as a shock as I never expected it. I work really hard and firness is my life, so to be recognized for the effort means the world to me. It means I am doing something right so now I am motivated to work even hard” said Omanii

And Herman had this to say about his nomination, “I am truly honored and humbled by the 2 nominations. To me this is already a win on its own. The nomination means that people are noticing my work, talent and as a creative; this is a huge boost”This year the awards will celebrate 58 personalities, the “Favorite fashion designer of the year” with 6 nominees for the first time being the biggest category and TV personalities nominated according to the shows they host on their IGTv’s. The nominees were selected through an online entry process, and special rights were given fans to enter on behalf of their favorite personalities. 

Manager director Helena Ngaifiwa added that she would like to take this time to applaud everyone in the creative industry who throughout the difficulty of the pandemic continued to work extremely hard and managed to celebrate their craft and talent. In conclusion, SYMLAFA2020 will adhere to all the rules and regulations put in place by the World Health Organization and the Namibian government.