Donlu Africa Enters Angola

Donlu Africa Enters Angola
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"So basically expanding and branching out into the rest of Africa was always on the cards, but it was a move we have tried to stall for as long as we possibly could, because we wanted to make sure that we get as much support from Namibia first and we have done that with over 1697 songs from about 143 artists. Also having achieved both 1 million and 2 million streams within the same year speaks volumes and for that we'd always be grateful for.” Said Llewelyn the founder of Donlu Africa
Donlu Africa is creating opportunities for Namibian artists and international artists to get that chance to collaborate and also to market each other’s music. This strategic move has always been on the cards but just needed the right timing to ensure perfect execution. This will also increase the streams on the Namibian music site, which in the future can make it an industry player in terms of online music stores.

“Nothing will be taken away from our musicians - our main focus is still and always be Namibia.” He added

“The submission process is still the same - Musicians still get to send their music via email at no cost. We have received quite a few submissions from Angolan artists, but we'll only go live with them on the site early February.” The founder said
With Angola having a demand for digital music platforms, Donlu Africa saw this as an opportunity to target the Angolan market and introduce this platform that has over 2 million streams so far. Donlu Africa isn’t focusing to break into the South African market as yet due to the market being saturated with platforms like Deezer, iTunes and Joox which are doing incredibly well.
“We first want to get a few things done, namely the long-awaited app that's launching next month, Angola coming on board next month, the DONLU Music Festival later this year as well as the Music Hub that will be in operation early next year” he concluded.

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