- Sportswear has been making it big in the menswear industry over the couple of years, well unless you lived under some soundproof rock you would know this already. It has brought brands such as Tommy Hilfigier, Adidas and Fila into the limelight with this new trend. Track pants with either small insignias or snaps running down the seams has been making the hit. This all gives a road trip back to the early 90's. But to put it all in one word- nostalgia . This trend is known to be very versatile. Can be worn with a very serious look- a suit to be precise, and adding the retro essentials will give it the classic 90's look. As well as with a relaxed look such as a casual t shirt or a denim jacket to switch it up a bit. What plays an important role with this vibe is the colour scheme used by the person dressed in it.