As we all know, it’s the beginning of the year and you have received your matric final results. And as for those who have made it, they have been excited about their next big step into the new world of maturity and hard work. But this cannot be completed without them being sure of what to serve because first impressions do count after all. But no stress, I put together a few essentials or rather must-haves to slay your first year through varsity.

-  This is one essential that will give you an immediate clean look. You can rock it in denim or cotton which it often comes in. You can either tuck it in to make you look a bit more professional during presentations or tucked out for a more street-style urban look. You can wear it bare-chested on a hot day, or add on a plain t-shirt under the opened shirt during a bit more chilled days. This should be your starter-pack varsity look when you have an early 07:30 and conflicted on what to wear that particular morning.