Top 5 DYI ideas for your Man-Cave

Top 5 DYI ideas for your Man-Cave
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A man give in or manspace, and less regularly a manland or mantuary is a male withdraw or haven in a home, for example, a uniquely prepared carport, save room, media room, cave, or storm cellar. And we know for sure not all men are familiar with the term DIY, which stands for " Do it yourself". This practice is trending and taking over the world. You save so much on costs because you create magic out of old essentials that might be lying around ready to be thrown away. But no worries, here's a little something we have cooked up for you. More like a guide on different DIY ideas you could try out unless you already are a DIY King and your name is Andy Kane.

1. Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser
Most dudes barely have soap dispensers in their bathroom, which could be really good for hygiene purposes. But im sure they buy it over and over again, without thinking that they are actually wasting money and could save costs by just making one and replacing the soap itself each time it needs a refill. No, we're not saying you should be buying a bottle and get intoxicated just to have a soap dispenser. All you need to do is invite friends over for a boys night and keep the bottle afterwards

Here's a fast way to make this:
1. Purchase a container of Jack Daniel's, or another beautiful jug of alcohol. 

2. Have a great time night with companions and drink all the alcohol. 

3. Purchase a jug of fluid cleanser - pick the fanciest pump you can discover. 

4. Empty cleanser into Jack jug and screw on the pump.

- And there you'll have it. A fancy soap dispenser for your man cave.