Shut It All Down through the Lens

It all start on the 8 October 2020, when the young protesters gathered at Zoo Park in the city centre for a peaceful demonstration on SGBV, two days after the police uncovered remains of an identified person suspected to be that of Shannon Wassefall who went missing in April.

Shut It All Down through the Lens
Protesters sitting in the middle Independence Avenue
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The photographs taken by our team says a lot of what happened at the protests...

We will let the photos tell the story...

                                                                      #ShutItAllDown Protesters

                                                                          #ShutItAllDown Protesters

    The police removing protesters that have blocked traffic in Independence Avenue

                                                             Independence Avenue came to a stand still

                                                                             "I Want To Live In Peace"

                                                                                  "No Justice, No Peace"

                                                                                     Youth Protesting

                                                                               "Namibia Land of B....e RAPISTS"

                          The police officers having a conversation with the young protestors"

                                       To Be Continued...