Project Roll A Dice: Afroprint turns Swift 30 into a Game Show

Project Roll A Dice: Afroprint turns Swift 30 into a Game Show
Swift 30: The Game Show

On the 1st of August, Afroprint informed the media about the Swift 30 board game turning into a Game Show, at TribeFire Studio in Windhoek. It was attended by media personalities, radio presenters, and content creators in Windhoek. The event was named “Project Roll A Dice” to inform the media and demonstrate to the public how the game show would operate.

Swift 30 is a board game that resembles a 30-second game, where players are divided into teams and only have 30 seconds for each player to get the answer correctly. By demonstrating the word or words on the forehead of your teammate without you saying the word itself. Swift 30 took the same idea but focused on Namibian general knowledge questions.

Swift 30 collaborated with and partnered up with cooperates namely Standard Bank, United Nations and Goethe Insitute, etc.

The board games were made in different versions to benefit different industries in the country and to be used by the public, in different sectors. Such as telecommunications, universities, and many more. They used the game to educate and innovate the people in their workspaces to update them on how the project is going to run or teach them about the history of a particular goal.

This led the Swift 30 team to round up ideas on the future of the board game. They concluded by turning it into a game show, which will bring people together in different departments and working sectors including schools and universities. To be in one room and have fun taking on each other based on Namibia’s and Africa’s general knowledge.

All this became possible due to the fund that Sound Connects Fund invested in the future they saw for Swift 30, with the financial contribution from the European Union and the support of the Organisation of ACP States. Now they have the opportunity to turn it into a trivia show.  The project will use local creatives to work on the show and bring it to life, such as sound engineers, videographers, and visual graphics.

The game show has segments or stages to go through whereby each correct answer a team gets, is equal to N$100.00. The team consists of three members only, a participant can apply as an individual where he or she is assigned to a team, or he or she can apply with a team.  The criteria for one to be a contestant, are to follow all their socials, go on the link on the bio, and do a fun 60-second fun video.

Viewers can experience and observe the participants' intellect based on culture and general knowledge at their full potential, and their character development throughout the game as they strive for greatness and to be crowned as the winners. The show will be on streaming platforms such as YouTube and we are hoping on the national TV channels too. To reach a wide population of locals to engage with the show.