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1.   What is dripset in three words? Luxurious, Rare, Personal

2. Who is Brian the man behind DRIPSET? Brian is an ambivert, highly protective about the energy he surrounds himself with, however his open to willing to work with anyone, creatively. Regardless of their social status, it’s the art that matters. Studying mining engineering comes with tons of work, but the passion for fashion helps balance academics and creating.

3. When was the brand founded?  3 MAY 2017

4.  So what inspires the brand and what market are you looking at? The brand is highly inspired by the the role fashion plays as an influence on the average human being, an influence that is often overlooked, the brand is inspired by timeless creative culture. An example is James Jebbia, founder of SUPREME.

[DRIPSET] is looking at a market that appreciates fashion and shares a sentimental attachment with their clothing, a market that wants an “x-factor” when it comes to their dressing. People who base their decision on whether they want a certain clothing item based on its quality and what it’s offering  rather than the price.

5.Your brand has made waves in the local media, what would you say ids the role played by your branding in shaping pop culture in Namibia? I would say it influenced a lot of kids/youth to be able to express their ideas in whatever form, [DRIPSET] has received several messages by people who would like to be “mentored”, to start a fashion brand, become a musician or blogger. I think people are becoming increasingly aware of how important it is not to look and dress like everyone else.

6.Where can people access your merchandise? Our website or via Instagram (@dripset_inc), any of the two.

7.  What would you say was the moment that opened door for Dripset? Lol to be honest I really don’t know. Naturally, people tend to pay more attention to you when you’re “popping”, which shouldn’t be the case. But when Emtee wore the very first [DRIPSET] T-shirt  when he came to Namibia for the first time, things significantly changed, positively.

8. Where do you see DRIPSET in the next five years? God willing, in Asia .....Japan, in Harajuku or Shibuya. And in a lot of your favorites closets lol