PhredGot1 drops "PULL UP"

PhredGot1 drops
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Namibian born artist PhredGot1 releases his brand new single 'Pull Up'.
The single produced by him & his brother Motiion has a contagious blend of Rap & Afrobeats.
PhredGot1 explains that "When you're feeling someone, call them & they'll pull up." This is what inspired the story line. He added that women shouldn't be afraid to shoot their shot because sometimes a man is distracted by sports.
His supporters across social media have been supporting PhredGot1's new single by sharing breathtaking summer pictures with the hashtag #PullUp & also video clips with the hashtag to promote the hot new single.
The song is available online & he is working on ideas with his team for a video. "Calling all videographers who want to shoot the music video to contact me" he says. He added that with this single he wants to retain his DonluAfrica Most Streamed Artist title which he attained in 2018.
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