The Year That Was... Msunday

Msunday, an artist nominated for awards, originates from the coastal region of Erongo in Namibia. His presence has graced numerous stages across the country, showcasing undeniable talent and driving progress in the music scene. Specializing in the genres of soukous and Afro-pop, he embodies a distinct musical flair.

The Year That Was... Msunday


2023 was… A year of unlearning and learning, eyes opening in all industries/sectors.

2024 will be… A year of progress, and success.

Last three things you spend money on? My business, my family, my girlfriend.

Last text you sent? Namibians, we can only grow by supporting each other’s business (to SAGE BY DEE)

Best Dressed Namibian of 2023? (man and women) For man Titus Hailenge Johannes (Henties Bay) gentleman on the spot. for women Maria Nepembe, (Windhoek) she is the woman she thinks she is. The look on her wedding day.

2023 in a X (tweet)… in X they support/agree with anything from one with more followers in other words, there is Twitter, and there is real life.

2023 taught me… To only count on one person and that person is me.

What 2023 took away from you? Nothing.

What song dominated your playlist in 2023? Money is calling me by Msunday.

What put Namibia in the spotlight this year? Miss Namibia 2023.

Namibian holiday destination? Northern Namibia

Namibian disruptor of the year? Politicians’ fights

Most overrated thing in 2023? Western cultures. People who praise western over their own culture think they are more educated or understand life better than those who don’t.

2023 highlight? Namibia Premiere League.

Last thing that gave you sleepless nights? Namibians trying to tarnish/ discourage their very own kid, Miss Namibia during Miss World.

Biggest blooper of the year? I can’t remember one.

A book you will recommend to a friend/family? The science of getting rich by Wallace D. Wattles

Namibian brand of the year? Ndjukuma Entertainment brand.

Your preferred social media platform? Facebook. @msundayndjukuma on all social media platforms.