Kapana: A Namibian Love Story

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Philippe Talavera, director and founder of the Ombetja Yehinga Organisation (OYO) comes back in the film industry with another Namibian flavour (Nam flava).

Talavera produced and directed the movie, Senga Brockerhoff and Mikros Garoes wrote the Script. Talavera explained that the script writing and production began in July 2019 while the editing and post production took place this year.

“We were lucky to finish principal photography end of last year, the lockdown affected us, but we could continue with editing, music and post production, it was hard at times to work within the many restrictions that were imposed on us, but everybody was passionate about the project and worked hard to make it a reality,” he says.

“Kapana is a positive Namibian love story, pun intended. It follows two people that seem to have little in common, yet start a relationship. It interrogates things we all go through when dating, what to reveal, what to keep a secret, how to discuss about sensitive issues with your partners, how to take responsibility for what you say and do but it is first and foremost a love story,” he says.

The cast:
George (Adriano Visagie) an insurance broker. Gerald (Chanwill Vries) as his brother, (Felicity Celento and Elize de Wee) as his mother and aunt respectively, (Mikros Garoes and Foreversun Haiduwala) as his colleagues and friends, Simeon (Simon Hanga) a kapana seller. Cecilia (Albertina Hainana) Simeons’ sister, (Lukas Paulus and Jeremiah Jeremiah) as Simeons’ friends. Renowned actor Dawie Engelbrecht makes a guest appearance as a bar tender.

Talavera worked on movies such as “Salute!, Kukuri, Pap and Milk and Now that I can talk about it.”

“I have worked with Visagie on Salute! And I really love his professionalism, his commitment and the way he invests in his character,” he said. That is why he decided to resume his collaboration with Visagie. 

Adding that he discovered Simon through auditions “he is extremely charismatic and has a huge presence on screen, I saw Mikros in ‘The date’ and immediately looked for an excuse to work with her, I have always wanted to work with Felicity and this was a great opportunity, I have worked with Elize, Dawie and Jeremiah in the past and deeply respect them,” he says.

“We were looking for a title but so many scenes happen at the kapana market that soon it became obvious that Kapana should be the title,” he says.

Talavera said, the movie was filmed in different locations in Windhoek, namely; the kapana market, NICE restaurant and the municipal swimming pool, magistrate court in Katutura, various houses and offices.

“A premiere is a celebration done by everybody” said Talavera.

A new romantic comedy movie premieres on 06 August at 18:30 at Ster Kinokor in Groove mall. The movie starts at 19:00 in the presence of cast and crew. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, only 100 tickets will be sold “It is a red carpet event; seats are limited due to social distancing, tickets can be purchased at webtickets.com.na and at pick ‘n pay outlets,” he says.