The Year That Was... NSK

NSK stands tall as a prominent figure in Namibia's entertainment realm, as the Chief Entertainment Expert. With a career spanning since 2009 as a radio presenter, he holds the honor of winning the Simply You Magazine Fashion and Lifestyle Award twice and earning a NAMA nomination. Contributing to the entertainment scene, he authors a weekly entertainment column in the New Era and hosts a biweekly podcast with the same publication. Renowned for his role as Master of Ceremonies at major Namibian events, NSK's contributions extend far beyond these accomplishments.

The Year That Was... NSK

2023 was… Groundbreaking!

2024 will be... INTERNATIONAL!

Last three things you spend money on? A lekka plate of stew & pap, yango and water.

Last text you sent? "On it"

Best Dressed Namibian of 2023? (man and women) Carlito (Ynot) and Steff Skrywer ( #Nisa #NÅ«khoe )

2023 in a X (tweet)... We won some. We lost some. We do it all over again in 2024.

2023 taught me... To trust your worth.

What 2023 took away from you? Family time.

What song dominated your playlist in 2023? 2pac "can't see me" and FLVME - "MoneyToday"

What put Namibia in the spotlight this year? My top 4: The Brave Warriors (beating Cameroon and qualifying for AFCON), Jameela Uiras (Miss Universe), Luis Munana (Young, Famous & African) and Waters (Scooping 3 international awards)

Namibian holiday destination? Swakopmund all day, every day!

Namibian disruptor of the year? Myself! That podcast is causing

Most overrated thing in 2023? Influencers

2023 highlight? Personally?

-Hosting the Standard Bank Waka Kids Choice Awards, Project Never Walk Alone Restoration, and the Be Free concert.

-Being in a movie that is available on Showmax

-Setting the wheel in motion to help the legendary Elvo via my podcast.

Last thing that gave you sleepless nights? That's literally been my life throughout the year. I will do better in 2024...I think.

Biggest blooper of the year? Namibian Sun newspaper. Can ya'll chill with the restrictions on your website? nxo.

A book you will recommend to a friend/family? I haven't read a book in ages. So I'll skip it.

Namibian brand of the year? NSK #GMTM...and that's on PER...!

Your preferred social media platform? Tik Tok