Editor's note - The time for change is now!!!

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Whenever I hear the following statements being made such as; find something else to do there is no money in sports, it should be a hobby or a part time thing my heart breaks because those that have uttered those words are the shatters of dreams, we don’t deem being a sportsman or women as a real career by the standards of Namibian society. So much talent goes to waste because someone has once uttered those words to a young child/person who could have been the best sporting export to come out of Namibia. 

Yes, sports maybe a short-lived career, there may truly be no money to afford the riches our Europeans stars can afford, but one thing it can do is provide a decent living and set you up for life if you use the opportunities that have been presented to you wisely. There are a lot of uncelebrated stories in sports that the Namibian child needs to hear, that we shy away from because of the power it holds.

The stories of Johanna Benson, Ananias Shikongo, Helalia Johannes, Virgil Vries, Gaby Ahrens Ricardo Mannetti, I can go on and on, and list names of Sports Personalities who have defied the odds to prove to the world that you can make something of yourself using sports as a tool to better your life.

A lot is wrong that we still need to fix in order to get our sports to the next level, but we need to transform our mindset’s first from a negative to a positive one and not only to dream that it gets better but to work together in unity to make it better, there is so much that sports can do for a nation, we see how much joy the Brave Warriors, Desert Jewels, Welwitschias, give to the Nation those are our sportsman and women, who bravely lay down their lives for us for our entertainment, the countries honor, championships and we should celebrate them more and build them up.

Dear Namibian child who wishes to follow a career in sport, don’t let their words stop you, follow your dreams and change the narrative, own your story, walk your purpose, the world is waiting to celebrate you. In the Words of the late Nelson Mandela “Sports has the power to change the World.” You are the change we are waiting for.

Our Sports heroes and heroines we Celebrate You!!!!!!