Spend your time wisely

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Zekka George from Entrepreneur Africa has this to share about spending and making wise decisions as an Entrepreneur.
What tips can you share with entrepreneurs to survive the quiet days/holidays?

See to it that you don’t try to compete:

  • Don’t compete with anyone, don’t break your good habits and principles over little things or nothing at all, don’t over spend your money; opportunities are waiting for you next year.

 Take time for you:

  • Rest well
  • Eat & drink healthier 
  • Enjoy your break

Don’t Say yes, yes, yes to everything:

  • Understand why you are being invited 
  • Don’t say yes to look cool
  • Decide on places & Events you want to attend and you must be happy about it.
  • You a new year coming up filled with opportunities please don’t waste money

A new year is upon us, what would you advise entrepreneurs to do come January?

  • Have a plan in place for the New Year 2019 
  • Priorities: prioritize what’s important and do it
  • Work , work ,work and work hard
  • Be innovative all the easy

The success of your business is your responsibility…