Entrepreneur Africa

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Entrepreneur Africa (EA) is an organization which exists to facilitate the efficient and effective development and management of African businesses. This is done by providing access to funds and implementing skills development programs across the African continent. 

We are committed to empowering young entrepreneurs across Africa by creating a platform that allows for the establishment of great legacy businesses. Our ultimate aim is to facilitate intra-Africa marketing and trade on the continent.

We are dedicated to developing African entrepreneurs and business enterprises that will boost their home country economies and make Africa self -sufficient.

This will assist in curtailing the increasing unemployment rate by assisting youth to become gainful entrepreneurs who will create employment for school leavers, graduates and members of the community in general. Our focus is to assist youth to shift from seeking the increasingly elusive employment opportunities in Namibia and move to self-employment and corporate creation, thereby growing the industry sectors and contributing to the growth of local economies and ultimately the national economy.