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Namibia has officially moved to stage 3 where a gathering of 50 is now allowed. This means more people are now allowed to come back to work. If you are one of the very few people who are privileged to still have a job or asked to return to work, CONGRATULATIONS, you made it! You have not been retrenched. As you start or have already started, use this time to work on these few things.
1. Learn new skills at work - Think beyond your Job Description, you are more than just a debt collector or clerk, etc. Use this chance to not be redundant.
2. Build relationship - Make it your priority to engage with that department of people you don’t really see yet know they work with you. Make your colleagues coffee. Ask for work-related opinions. Make an appointment to have a one on one with your Supervisor/ Manager and just talk. Just don’t go ask for a raise now.
3. Move yourself from the ‘You know what’ grapevine group. They waste time and keep you unfocused at your job.
4. Avoid talking about a raise or bonus. Start talking about how you can help the organisation get back the financial loss, by doing your job. Your boss is probably under a lot of pressure right now and he needs your thoughts and ideas. 
Popyeni is the Chief Change Officer at Let’s Work Commercial Group, where he facilitates training on Human Capacity development. Popyeni is also a public speaker and an avid content writer. Book him at info@letswork-cg.com
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