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In 2018, more than N$800 000 was paid to local music artists in royalties by NASCAM. Some artists got around N$1.00 and popular artists got more than N$1 000 - $20 000. Unfortunately, the local music industry is still a barren field for most of the local musicians. I believe we as Namibians can change this narrative by taking charge of our copyrights.

If you’re a music entrepreneur, consider these for your music business career:

Make it easier to buy digital music:

CD piracy is still an issue in Namibia only because most musicians and record labels still do not distribute digital music for sale. Also, the fans can easily get free digital copies from a friend.
The truth is that CDs are no longer the preferred medium of music listening for most people in 2019. So of course artists and record labels must adopt digital strategies in their business plan to generate online sales.

                                                                       (Photograph by Vaultz Connect)
How can you make it easier for Namibians to buy your music?

You require a website or mobile app that includes free registration, an online library and a process that allows the user to upload money or airtime for music use.
Use Music Videos to Market Your Brand:

Smartphones and smart TVs have made video viewing a wonderful experience. People want to see more videos.  Take advantage of this fact by supporting your music with music videos or even documentaries. But that’s not the point.

Use videos to advertise your own merchandise or any other brand that you can partner with for sponsorship.

                                                                     (Photograph Contributed)

As a budding filmmaker, I am passionate about helping artists show the best version of their work.

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