The Year That Was... Don Kamati

Don Kamati, also known as Mr. Fire Can't Cool, is an acclaimed Afro Dancehall artist and radio personality, honored with awards for his work. He boasts a track record of nationwide performances and has partnered with some of Namibia's most prominent artists in collaborative projects.

The Year That Was... Don Kamati
Don Kamati

2023 was… Was A Rollercoaster 

2024 will be… I manifest blessings for 2024 

Last three things you spend money on? Clothes, shoes and more clothes  

Last text you sent? Last text I sent was to my crush she didn’t reply so it doesn’t count 

Best Dressed Namibian of 2023? (man and women) (Woman) Puku and (Man) Mr fire can't cool Don Kamati 

2023 in a (tweet)… It’s giving 

2023 taught me… Trust no body. 

What 2023 took away from you? Fake people 

What song dominated your playlist in 2023? Friday Stay with me 

What put Namibia in the spotlight this year? Miss Namibia 

Namibian holiday destination? Swakop 

Namibian disruptor of the year? Get Lich 

Most overrated thing in 2023? Festivals 

2023 highlight? Returning on air at Focus FM and partnering with (Yango) Hennes & Even rides for the Vault Local Music Count Down 

Last thing that gave you sleepless nights? The passing of my daughter Normani 

Biggest blooper of the year? Not having to spend enough time with my twin brother Oros 

A book you will recommend to a friend/family? The Art of War 

Namibian brand of the year? Puff n Pass 

Your preferred social media platform? Instagram