DIAL A BENZ - It's not just luxury, it's what you deserve.

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As a magazine editor one of the perks that comes with the job is that I get to dress up and attend  all sorts of events, from red carpeted gala nights to festivals. Just recently I attended the Haig Club Clubman Launch at The Hilton at the Sky Bar. This event was one where I was not only a guest but the hospitality partner as the Haig Club team from South Africa had entrusted myself and my team to invite and host the local guests. 

By no chance was I going to be late at this function at the same time, I still had a magazine article to post and I'd have no time to manage my own transportation from my house to rendezvouz. I finished the article right about 16h30 and had just an hour to prepare. that seemed like ample time for me to get ready and find my way to the Sky Bar, not when you are David Wamambo, someone will definitely call with an urgent matter that needs your undivided attention. So I ended up sitting with my laptop again working.

Inevitably I was going to be late,  to freshen up, then dress up and still type on my laptop while en route Sky Bar.  A day that was meant to be one of my memorable days in my career was now turning into the trigger of my mother of all anxiety attacks. Sad right? Well plot twist, I thank God for considerate friends like Luis Munana. Luis called me with his sonorous voice and said,' Dial A Benz will pick you up.' 

Dial A Benz indeed came through, the service is beyond excellent. No other private transportation brand in Namibia can mach this standard of customer care. I write this with meaning and was not paid to say this, but I have experienced all household shuttle services but what separates Dial A Benz from the rest is that they do not just take you places but they also take care of you.

The driver, well dressed and well mannered greeted me with a smile and opened the door for me and confirmed the destination. He even apologised for being a minute late. It's one thing to be stressing about work and the last thing you want is an inconsiderate driver summed up with road rage. Dial A Benz made sure that my trip was not only exclusive but therapeutic and that the trip would give me ample time to gather my confidence and make my grand entrance.

The vehicle scent is one that is refreshing and natural, while the interior is genuine leather darling. When you sit in it you feel like you are rolling over a bed of roses after bathing in milk....okay that's a bit exaggerated but what I am communicating here is that this a comfortable ride.

Contrary to popular belief, Dial A Benz is not just a luxury, but what you deserve. Especially if you work hard, the last thing is being on the go with so many inconveniences in your way. Get in contact DIAL BENZ +264 8111445461