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Four years ago, Pandu Nekomba, ventured into fitness with what started off as a basic wellness routine and has evolved into  decorated sportsmanship within the bodybuilding discipline.

Pandu was encouraged to try out bodybuilding as a sport after his coach  Norman Van Wyk and training partner Romario Van Wyk saw potential in Pandu as a bodybuilder. Since then Pandu has participated at Bodybuilding tournaments and has won several titles.

What makes Pandu's sportsmanship interesting is his approach to the sport, when I interviewed him, my angle was to tell the story of a young fitness star who has been on a trail of scooping titles. This changed midway in the phone call. 

Generally a well mannered, eloquent and preppy guy, Pandu easily fits into the league of extraordinary gentleman. This can perhaps may be explained by his discipline. His approach to the sport  follows a well organised routine that makes a military commander novice. Well mind you he works for the Ministry of Defence in Namibia as an accountant. If you do not spell discipline already in your imaginary reply book to this story, there is no plot twist here, so we will capture you back in the fold soonest.

Working for the ministry of defence, means one exists in an environment of discipline, let alone being an accountant. Pandu breaks down his success story in one sentence, ' your day's routine, has to be well planned the previous night you can’t just walk into the gym without a plan.'

For Pandu planning goes beyond laying out the cycle of workouts at the gym, but also meal preparation and most importantly mental preparation. Pandu highlights that mental focus is the most challenging aspect of the sport, an area which most people tend to neglect. With that in mind, the psychology of sportsmanship cannot be separated from environment. He has moved from several gymnasiums in order to find the environment that is appropriate for him at a given season,  he explains that he has had to mentally challenge himself to grow further in the sport, 'I was very small and started developing further, I had to challenge myself to get equipment to build myself more.' 

In addition to mental focus, Pandu also explained the psychology of dietary discipline. he is very particular about what he eats and how it correlates to the development of his body.  Flexing on numbers, like an accountant he truly is, Pandu categorically ascertains that, meal preparation and dietary discipline  are essential aspects of bodybuilding as 80 per cent of it is made in the kitchen and 20 per cent of it in the gym.

 Modesty is one of Pandu's best sports too, when I asked him what sets him apart from the rest, he literally chuckled and said he was an average Joe with nothing close to special about him, he even joked that maybe if he had an extra toe we would converse about him being special. nevertheless don't be fooled by his modesty, Pandu is charismatic and charming, no wonder why 
EXCEL NUTRITION AFRICA chose to work with him.

27 Oct 2018
Gentle Giant Classic
Boksburg, S.A
Muscular Men’s Physique - 4th Place

10 Nov 2018
G-Classic Bodybuilding Showcase
WHK, Namibia
Men’s Physique - 1st Place
Lightweight Bodybuilding - 2nd Place