Lovisa Mulunga Bringing on the MAGIC!

Lovisa Mulunga
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Lovisa Mulunga she plays in the NFA Skorpion Zinc Women's Super league for Tura Magic ladies FC.
Lovisa whois currently running her final lap at the University of Namibia, is passionate about football and says that it is this passion that automates her motivation to strive for more within the sports discipline.

Her highlight thus far has been, being a part of the team that played at the recent COSAFA games and to her being a representative of the Land of the Brave and seeing her colleagues wow her with smooth performance was beyond bliss to her sentiments towards her career. 

Lovisa, is one high spirited athlete, who has taken turned her lemons into lemonade, realising that her challenge with the sport was her single both footed and this required her to put in more effort on her foot work, however she views this as an area of improvement and an opportunity to win a gain - which is being both footed. This is not to say that a girl, won't have her specifics, Lovisa categorically states that, 'I really like the 4v4 games because you get more touches on the ball...I dislike fitness training session.

A footballers dream is to leave a their mark on the global pitch, Lovisa believes that every athlete aspires, 'to make it big for themselves and also as a result bring back that international experience to national level.'  Relating this to gender she shares the plight of women in sport as well, 'over the past years it has not been easy being a female footballer because of the whole concept of it being a man sport but now people understand that we too can play football so that pressure has toned down.'

Lovisa is studying towards a honors degree in business administration majoring in Human resource management. 

Be patient about the game, when you are a sports person take care of yourself look after your most valuable asset which is your body and mostly come to play -