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From being the fourth Namibian boxer to win a medal at the Commonwealth Games at the tender age of 20, to earning himself a place at the Rio Olympic Games. Olympic Jonas Junias is definitely a rising success and an athlete to be on the lookout for.

Jonas Junias born 24th November 1993 in Swakopmund, Erongo region, with a height of 1.81m and light welterweight 64 kg, has been making an impact in Namibian sport since the 2014 Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow, fast making him a household name despite his very young age.

“My major highlight in my career is my performance in Cameroon 2016 winning gold in the 64kg welterweight category which secured my place in Rio” says Junias, “adding to that my current title that I took in the 2018 Commonwealth Games.” It is very evident to see that the athlete is working hard to build a name for himself in the Namibian sporting industry.

Ever wondered how much courage it must take to be able to walk into a ring knowing you will be punched? Determination, Discipline, Confidence, Fitness. Boxing is definitely not a sport for the faint-hearted. The young talent prides himself for having sportsmanship, intelligence, discipline and courage, these are some of the strengths that have helped him reach Big heights in the sport.

Training is also a major aspect of sports and Junias finds that his only flaw is the lack of desire to practice more than he already does, aside from that he enjoys the fact that it is a great way to make new friends, it boosts his mood, gives him peace of mind, improves his self-confidence and also the amount of fun he has with his team. Another sporting activity he enjoys is swimming, which is also part of his training activity. 

Passion is a very big proponent in being ahead in the game and that is something the young talent is not short of. So, for all the young athletes out there, might be time for you to pull out your pens and pencils and take notes. Junias indicates his biggest motivators being the difficulty of the competition, the grind itself, having a front row sit to the yield of his hard work, the level of performance and over all making his country proud. He also cites a few areas he needs improvement on as taking preparations seriously, working on his speed and the need to master new skills through practice, because as we all know practice makes perfect.

All things considered it is no surprise that some of the best parts about boxing for Junias is having fun, staying in shape, excitement for competitions and of course winning.

With the level of dedication shown by this young athlete we are excited to see exactly what the future holds for him.