Omanii... Killer Body, Tough Mindset

Omanii Hapulile (Photo Contributed)

A fully committed human being who is able to juxtapose the corporate world with a true passion for sports and that SMILE!!! It’s a killer.

Ndakelwa-Omani Maemeno Hapulile was born in Swakopmund but considers the Uukwanyama Kingdom of northern Namibia in a village called Eeshoke as home. Being raised with respect and honesty, he considers himself a momma’s boy. Corporate banking is what he does but sports lingers by the door as It is his true passion and he calls himself an athlete because he enjoys the physical and mental challenges that comes with it. Football tops the list of sports that he does but marathons, boxing and CrossFit are occasional side activities that he enjoys doing.

Omanii was homebound due to a sports injury but that did not stop him from having that urge to do sports and he felt that he had to impact at least one person’s life in a certain way but through his passion of course. Fitness being his coping mechanism, he started an idea to try and impact people to lead a healthier and fitter life which he calls “Santorini Fitness Cartel”. This led on to an overwhelming response from people as he added the #OmaniiPushupChallenge. A challenge for novice and expert sports lovers. The response was so great from this challenge it encouraged Omanii to start with the #OmaniiFitnessChallenge which is about full body workouts and helping people stay fit during the lockdown period to maintain their summer bodies. This also helps as a stress reliever.

The challenge was thrilling and it sparked good feedback where people considered Omanii as their inspiration and that kept him moving and in shape. Apart from fitness and humbling experiences, Omanii shared how he deals with bad situations because it is an inevitable part of our daily lives. He focuses on finding a way to resolve the situation by stepping back, being composed and viewing the situation from the other parties’ perspective.

Omanii killer smile

A tool that makes or breaks us and that has the world so glued to their gadgets, that people literally use to get around in their daily lives and to keep up with the latest trends, is Social Media. Omanii feels a sense of belonging, joy and seeing people win tops its off when they share their success, incredible life stories and also people who help each other, GBV and rape victims support, he appreciates such stories. Social Media also hurts, destroys and breaks a person’s life, which is what he detests but he says you can create miracles and if you curate your content properly, it can influence you to be a better person as social media can be used as a tool to better the world.

What does fitness mean to you?
“I say this with no exaggeration but fitness is my life, I don’t ever see myself not training. Fitness is everything to me it saved me, it gives me peace, it helps me to think clear and it has taught me the benefits of hard work, you will only get out what you put in.
It has made me a better person, a happier person and it’s helping me inspire people want to live a healthier life, that’s amazing and it humbles me every time.
I am fitness, without it I am very little.”

Omanii at Kasi Vibe

Omanii by the pool side

Omanii on the Field

Five interesting facts about Omanii unknown to us are:

  • I am a national quiz champion.
  • My Dads family originated from São Tomé and Principe, so I have some West African heritage in me.
  • This is a funny one but I don’t eat things I can’t pronounce so all that fancy French stuff can miss me.
  • I am the only human being with my first name Ndakelwaomani.
  • My childhood nickname was KFC, I ate a lot of it growing up but honestly now I think it’s whack!

Omanii concluded by saying he stays clear from junk food at all cost and if he had to choose between pizza and KFC, he would go for Pizza. He also has a strong affinity to the colour black.

You can stalk (joking) him on his socials