In Conversation With Mmoloki Samoka

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DW: Now you are in the limelight and quite popular on social media, how do you handle the publicity?
MS:I don't consider myself as being popular , at least not yet. Although, I do get more attention than i used to before most of it has been positive. I do love the fact that my DMs are not as dry as before.

DW: You were recently nominated for the SYMLAFA male model of the year, how did that feel?
MS: Considering that I haven't been in the industry for that long I was humbled that they considered me worthy to be nominated. The experience motivated me to work harder and to be even better at what I do.

DW: What would you credit for the growth of your brand thus far?
MS: I would credit all the agents that have been part of this journey and Also every photographer and designer that I have worked with thus far. It is also worth mentioning my family and friends that have supported me especially my mother who has always supported my dreams.


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